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For valuations on five or more items, as well as multi-category collections, please contact [email protected] If you are based in the US, please contact [email protected]

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Important Information

Formal Valuation and Appraisal Services

If you require assistance in relation to any other kind of valuation service, including formal appraisals for estate tax, market or insurance purposes, please contact our Valuations, Trusts and Estates Department who will be delighted to assist you.

Valuation Events

Bonhams holds regular valuation events worldwide where specialists assess property free of charge. You can find these listed on our Valuations calendar.

Important Information

Please note that auction estimates are a statement of Bonhams opinion as to what an item may achieve if consigned for sale at auction and are not a representation or guarantee of the actual value or potential selling price, and that Bonhams accepts no liability whatsoever in connection therewith.

For the purpose of the auction estimate given, Bonhams assumes that the item is authentic and can be freely sold. Auction estimates are provided only for the owner of the property and may not be used by any other person or for any other purpose nor disclosed to any third party, reproduced or published in any form.

In order to provide the most accurate auction estimates, Bonhams may share information about the item with third parties. Please note, Bonhams gives no representation, warranty or guarantee in respect to an item’s origin, provenance, attribution, condition, date, age or authenticity.

Auction estimates based on photographs are preliminary only and may change based on first hand inspection and further research.

The Consignment Process

If you are interested in selling through Bonhams, the consignment process is easy and Bonhams staff are on hand to help you with every step. If you decide you wish to explore offering an item for sale with us, we would be delighted to carry out a more detailed assessment of your property at one of our selling locations.


Our staff can put you in touch with shippers in your area, who will be able to assist you with shipping your item to us, or you can arrange this yourself. For assistance, please contact the selling location of your nearest Bonhams office, using the map above.

Please be aware that if you are shipping goods from one country to another, shipping charges, taxes and import duties are likely to apply. Many countries also have cultural import and export controls with which you must comply to be able to offer your property for sale. If you are in any doubt about the regulations that apply to your property, please do seek professional guidance, as it is your responsibility, as the owner of the goods to ensure you comply with all relevant regulations and controls.

First hand inspection

After inspecting the property and carrying out appropriate research, our specialists will review (and if appropriate revise) the auction estimate previously provided to you. If we are able to accept the property, we will advise you on the choices available for offering your property for sale – whether at public auction, online or by private sale.


If you are happy with the auction estimate (which for sale by public auction or online will be shown as a low and high estimate range) and the suggested method for offering your work for sale, we will produce a written agreement, which will confirm this and other relevant terms, including the reserve (the minimum amount you will accept for your property prior to our charges) and the seller’s commission that we will agree with you. All sales are subject to the Conditions of Business (for the sale in which your property will be offered) and these record the terms on which Bonhams and you - the seller - agree to sell a lot to a buyer.

Sold Lots

If your property sells at auction, you will receive a notification informing you of the hammer price - the winning bid for a lot at auction - that your item achieved. The money you receive – the net sale proceeds - will be based on the hammer price less our agreed seller’s commission and any agreed upon expenses, such as illustration or loss and damage warranty fee.

We will not deduct any expenses that have not been agreed with you before sale. The date for payment of the net sale proceeds varies between selling locations and we can advise you of the payment date for your property. Payment for sold property is made provided we are in receipt of cleared funds from the buyer.

Unsold works

If your lot fails to reach the reserve, we will generally not sell it. You may choose to take the work back or we may mutually agree to offer it in another auction. We will happily discuss your options with you to help you reach a decision. Please do note that we levy an unsold minimum fee per lot to cover the costs we have incurred in handling your property.

Buyer’s Premium

Please note that Bonhams is entitled to charge a fee to the successful purchase - the Buyer’s Premium - on any property we sell on your behalf. This fee is for Bonhams account and you accept that we are entitled to retain it. Buyer’s Premium rates vary but are displayed on our website so please let us know if you require more information.

Data Protection

The protection of your personal information is of the utmost importance to you. Rest assured that your information will not be passed to anyone outside the Bonhams group unless the sharing of your information is necessary for us to carry out services on your behalf.

Our helpful staff are on hand at every step of the auction process to assist you.

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